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The Product Sourcing Process

The Anglo European Group offers a "FREE" product sourcing service for individuals and companies who do not have the experience or resources to find the product themselves. Having both English and Chinese partners we are in a unique position to communicate effectively and deal with Chinese manufacturers and source any type of product.

In most cases dealing with factories in China can be extremely difficult. With offices in both the UK, US and Guangzhuo China we are ideally placed to help you and we can simplify the whole process by acting on your behalf.

Once we have found a supplier and you are satisfied with the samples it is sometimes advisable to visit the factory as you may wish to deal directly with them. Steve or one of our Chinese agents will meet you in Hong Kong or China and accompany you thus ensuring that the language barrier is overcome and all meetings go smoothly.

In order to source a product on a clients behalf we will need either a sample of the actual product, or we will need as much detailed information about the product that you can provide us with by completing the Product Sourcing Form or using the form to send the details in an email directly from this page. Click to Show/Hide Product Sourcing Forms

Complete the Product Sourcing Form and provide as much information as you can about the product/s don’t worry we will talk to you in more detail about the product.
Is this product a brand new product or is it a product that already exists?
If the product is an existing product – do you know the price of the product?
We will then locate a suitable factory in China that can manufacture the product.
We will then arrange for the factory to provide samples of the product for your approval.
If required we can negotiate the price on your behalf once we know what quantity you would like to purchase or you can visit the factory personally.
If you choose to visit the factory we will accompany you to ensure that all meetings go smoothly and that there are no language barriers.

Download the Product Sourcing Form Click here to download the Product Sourcing Form.

Then print off a copy and enter as much information as possible and send it to us, there’s no commitment!!

Get Adobe Reader.

Email Product Sourcing Form

Enter the number in box ↑ why?

You can either download the Product Sourcing Form and print off a copy then enter as much information as possible about the product/s and then send it to us or you can use the Email Product Sourcing Form above and email the information directly to us from this page without any commitment on your part.

Please Note:
If you haven’t got much information about the product/s that you want to source don’t worry because we will speak to you in more detail. If you would prefer not to divulge any information and just make an enquiry we will be very happy to answer your questions. You can find all of our contact details here

You can also find more information about the sourcing process on the FAQ’S page, but if you can’t find what you are looking for you can always get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have – our contact details can be found here

If You Place An Order

  • We can also arrange for:

    Ongoing quality control at the factory
    Monitor agreed production lead times
    Advise or arrange freight and logistics
  • We can also offer the following services.

    Travel arrangements to Hong Kong or China
    Hotel accomodations in Hong Kong or China
    Hong Kong company formations
    Hong Kong bank accounts
    Hong Kong accountancy services

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