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This page contains a list of the most frequently asked questions, hopefully you will find an answer to your questions, if not you can always get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have.

What are the benefits of using us a sourcing company and buying direct?

"We are very experienced at sourcing in China and very few companies have Chinese partners as we have. This ensures that we find the right factory and negotiate on your behalf the best possible prices. By buying direct from the manufacturer you should improve your profit margins by at least 40%."

Is there a minimum order quantity that we have to buy?

"The minimum order quantity which is known as the MOQ depends very much on the type of product and/or the factory you deal with. You don’t have to order a full or half container but normally the more product you order brings down the shipping costs. We can also arrange delivery direct from the factory to your designated delivery address."

Is there a cost for samples?

"Yes there normally is a cost for samples and the sample cost is usually higher than the product cost. Factories are always nervous that people order samples just to get them "on the cheap" and waste time so they inflate sample prices to put off time wasters."

"There is also the cost of either sending samples over to our office in Guangzhou or directly to the factory plus the cost of receiving samples from the factory. We can arrange courier services for you if required."

How do I pay for the goods ordered?

"It is normal to pay one third the order value along with the confirmed order as a deposit. Most Chinese suppliers will require the balance to be paid when the goods are ready to be shipped."

How long will it take from placing the order to receiving the goods?

"Obviously different products take different manufacturing times but as a guide it will take around 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture and then you have to allow for 3 to 4 weeks shipping by sea so overall you have to allow at least 8 weeks but it is safer to look at 10 weeks."

How does the Anglo European Group receive compensation for all its work?

"When you appoint us as your sourcing agents we will agree a small percentage commission and this will be added on to the purchase price of the goods. If you do not purchase anything then we receive nothing at all."

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