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Steve Wong and Ivor Shapiro.

Ivor Shapiro who runs the UK side of the business has been involved in sourcing and importing products for companies for many years. He has been visiting Hong Kong and China for over 25 years and has built up a network of contacts throughout the region.

Eric Hirsh who runs the US side of the business has been involved in sourcing, product development, importing, and wholesale distribution in the US for over 30 years and has a vast network of suppliers throughout Asia.

Steve Wong runs the Chinese part of the operation from the office in Guangzhou. Steve has a huge knowledge of product sourcing and has acted for many USA companies over a long period of time.

Ivor, Eric and Steve have known each other for many years and finally decided to join forces putting all their vast experience into one pot in order to create the Anglo European Group.

Eric Hirsh.

The Anglo European Group has been set up specifically to help individuals, small businesses and other concerns that do not have the financial, human or knowledge resource to go direct to the manufacturer in finding new or existing products. Looking for products in China can be a complete nightmare for the uninitiated.

Many global trade web sites will help you find manufacturers for most products BUT you still don’t know who you are really dealing with. This is where the expert knowledge of the Anglo European Group plays its part as we not only source the product but also carry out factory inspections and quality control to ensure that the product meets all required standards.

London and Shanghai.